Conjure: A Book of Spells

Evoking hidden worlds, summoning visions and making magic happen, Conjure: A Book Of Spells is filled with vivid images and tantalizing narrative fragments that stir the heart, mind and eye.

The City's Gates

What lurks in the shadow of the 99%?

Montreal is gearing up for the World Economic Forum. On one side are those preparing to welcome the policymakers and moneylenders alike; on the other are groups ready to protest the evils of capitalism and globalization.

Subtle Bodies

In Paris, on the 18th of June 1935, the surrealist writer René Crevel comes home, turns the gas in his apartment on, and sits down. As death begins to fill his rooms and he dwells on his life, loves and the pleasures and conflicts that shook the surrealist movement, a series of invisible voices visit him bringing visions of other worlds and different possible histories.

At the Bottom of the Sky

As the city grinds through a long, hot summer, a group of friends living on its margins face a ritualized confrontation between truth and falsehood.

Hovering World DC Press

Hovering World

An envelope arrives at Julian’s apartment containing the photograph of an angel.

The Vortex Faction Manifesto

A metafictional rant from an “imaginary” avant-garde group outlining a program of perpetual and playful subversions.


The Sweetsburg Archives

A monograph on the work of Montreal artist Jonathan Reid Sevigny in which he attempts to use his Quebecois boyhood as an archetype for the relationship between the individual, the hometown, and the bewildering beauty that connects the two. Included is my essay exploring the work’s formal and representational strategies and utopian ambitions.

La tête au ventre

The catalogue accompanying the La tête au ventre exhibition at Concordia University’s Leonard and Bina Ellen Gallery. The show explored themes of the body and the carnivalesque, and the catalogue contains my featured essay on the idea of the Grotesque, its cultural place and history.


Best Gay Stories 2012

The many stories featured in this volume of Best Gay Stories focus on what we, as gay men have in common, what underlies and nourishes the roots of all that fabulous diversity. Stories about our shared experience of those oh-so troubling and conflicted pleasures: desire, longing and love.

Best Gay Stories 2011

In the 2011 edition of Best Gay Stories Peter Dube questions the representations of gay men’s lives found in the general media that present gay life and culture as some monolithic structure. He has collected authors who have stepped up the proverbial microphone to tell stories that are different through unique voices.

Madder Love

My anthology exploring the subterranean sympathies between queer men’s writing and surrealism. Thirteen writers explore dreams, desire, darkened streets and the sudden miracles that appear there. Enter here for the mind’s dark places…