Montreal Launch of Subtle Bodies

article posted Oct 11, 08:05 to Events-Appearances

Please join me for the launch of my novella, Subtle Bodies, a fictional and fantastical biography of French surrealist René Crevel, published this fall by Lethe Press.

Monday, October 18 – 7:00pm – 9:30pm
Casa del Popolo (4873 boul. St-Laurent)

In Paris, on the 18th of June 1935, the surrealist writer René Crevel comes home, turns the gas in his apartment on, and sits down. As death begins to fill his rooms and he dwells on his life, loves and the pleasures and conflicts that shook the surrealist movement, a series of invisible voices visit him bringing visions of other worlds and different possible histories.

Subtle Bodies is a fictional biography that follows Crevel’s memories and his visionary voices with equal closeness. It lays out events and imaginings in vivid, poetic detail as it follows him from surrealist séances to political rallies, from the balls held at the homes of his wealthy and aristocratic friends to the shadowy recesses of cruising parks, and it explores the hidden links between politics and passion, commitment and despair, friendship and love in a dazzling, dangerous city sliding towards war.