At the Bottom of the Sky

As the city grinds through a long, hot summer, a group of friends living on its margins face a ritualized confrontation between truth and falsehood. One of them has misled the others with a series of utterly unmotivated fabrications. Why? What lies behind the deceptions?
At the Bottom of the Sky explores these questions and the lives of a clan of unforgettable characters in linked tableaux that are as lush and sensual as Persian miniatures. Each story focuses on a single event – the assault of two young men or the completion of a talking sculpture, for example – that brings on another change in the group.

Published by DC Books

“… an explosive collection of short stories that delights and surprises. … Cerberus is the best short story I’ve read in a long time.”
M. J. Stone, Hour

“There is more art in a single line of Mr. Dubé’s work than in all the combined efforts of the authors represented on the current Times’ list.”
Ashé Journal

“ … this thought-provoking collection, in which story-telling – in its various guises and degrees of veracity – is as much theme as genre.”
Lewis Desimone, Lambda Book Report

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