The City's Gates

What lurks in the shadow of the 99%?

Montreal is gearing up for the World Economic Forum. On one side are those preparing to welcome the policymakers and moneylenders alike; on the other are groups ready to protest the evils of capitalism and globalization.

Caught in the middle is Lee Atwater, who is tasked with investigating a string of bizarre incidents connected to the Economic Forum. His journey introduces him to “the disaffected but affectionate”: groups like CARP (Coalition Against Rapacious Profiteering); The Mals, who fetishize style to protect their substance; and The Band, worshippers of conflict and violence in the purest sense. The more time Lee spends with these remarkable and frightening people, the more his own seemingly directionless life comes into focus.

Published by Cormorant Books

“…a philosophical, metafictional work whose form is as quirky as its characters.”
Kimberly Bourgeois, The Montreal Review of Books

“… The City’s Gates, which could be described as speculative protest fiction […]an eerie, fanciful take on the kinds of issues that have dominated headlines since Quebec’s student crisis began.”
Anne Chudobiak, The Gazette

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