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Hovering World

An envelope arrives at Julian’s apartment containing the photograph of an angel. Shaken to his very roots by the apparition of the obviously impossible, the novel follows him through the next twenty-four hours of his life where the numinous light of the visiting angel casts his whole world, his life, his friendships, even his promiscuous desires into new relief… until, in the early hours of the morning, the meaning of the mysterious image dawns on him.

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“Through beautifully written passages, Dubé takes us to downtown patios filled with beer soaked confessions, hidden side-streets where people live in basement apartments, alleys where horny boys wait for the same behind dumpsters, all-night restaurants that serve smoked meat sandwiches and a warehouse filled with sweat drenched twenty-somethings who have nothing better to do than dance till the early morning hours.”
Broken Pencil

“…Vivid images that, in their fantastical energy and kaleidoscopic forms, just about leap off the page… Talk about Rimbaud’s ‘derangement of the senses’!”
Lambda Book Report

“… Peter Dubé manages an unusual juxtaposition of the mundane and the sublime.”
THIS Magazine

“… Dubé’s Hovering World has the feel of a Marquez or a Borges story, only less whimsical and innocent.”
The McGill Daily

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