Subtle Bodies

In Paris, on the 18th of June 1935, the surrealist writer René Crevel comes home, turns the gas in his apartment on, and sits down. As death begins to fill his rooms and he dwells on his life, loves and the pleasures and conflicts that shook the surrealist movement, a series of invisible voices visit him bringing visions of other worlds and different possible histories.

Published by Lethe Press

“Dubé captures the foreboding atmosphere of Paris in the 30s, and particularly impressive is the way Dubé renders the “voices” that plague Crevel almost as characters in their own right, distinct from Crevel’s own voice, both frightening and plausible. Subtle Bodies succeeds on all fronts.”
Chroma Journal, London

“Dubé finds the heart and soul of this historical figure and lays both bare, painting a marvelously detailed portrait of a man intoxicated by ideas and the myth that springs up around their proponents… Subtle Bodies is a breathlessly quick read that will linger in your head and resonate in your heart long after its voice has faded.”
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