NEW! Queer Men & Surrealism Anthology

article posted Jul 8, 17:04

I recently signed on to edit an anthology about the subterranean sympathies between the more radical wing of Gay Lib and Surrealism for Rebel Satori Press. I know you visionary erotomaniacs are out there… so lets hear from you.
Here’s the call.


Madder Love: Queer Men and the Precincts of Surrealism

The Surrealists and the radical edge of gay lib represent two of the most sweeping movements for liberation of the last century — and both continue to this day. Moreover, the pair also created two remarkable “cultures of desire,” seeing sexuality as a primordial, transformative force, and exploring the power of dreams, fantasies, personae. They provided homes to the flaneur and saw the city and its hidden places as vital, almost alive — and in different, but related, ways both saw the worlds of the imagination and “real life” as overlapping each other. More importantly, the two took such things as actively political — revolutionary in fact. These resonances can be found in the depictions of Paris in Aragon and the swooning landscape of sections of White’s Nocturnes for the King of Naples, in the novels of Rene Crevel and the extensions of automatism and dream material in much of Burroughs, in the permeability of text-world-voice in (largely queer) New Narrative writing, in the obsessional desire that animates great swatches of both Breton’s anti-novels and Wojnarowicz’s memoirs. And the list of analogues could be longer…
Given this, we feel it’s high time for an anthology of prose investigating this subterranean relationship.

We’re looking for:
Short fiction and essays, prose poems, automatic texts and dream narratives, genre-defying pieces that explore/embody the relationships between gay men and Surrealism as a radical/literary movement exploring desire, the imagination and the fluid boundaries between the world and the mind.

We’d prefer not to see:
Memoirs about how seeing that picture in the MOMA changed your life, writing that takes “surreal” as a synonym for “strange.” And, if your main reference points for surrealism are a couple of Dali paintings, this anthology probably isn’t the place for your work.

The deadline is: September 28, 2007.

Send submissions to:
Peter Dubé, PO Box 643, Succ. Place du Parc, Montreal, Quebec H2X 4A6, Canada.
Enclose SASE (sufficient Canadian postage or IRC’s) for the return of your material if you want it back. Submissions without same will be destroyed. Email submissions will be deleted unopened.

All that being said, we’re looking forward to reading you.